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A picture is worth a thousand words... In construction, often the value of a single photo is worth so much more!

Camstruction is the world’s first web and mobile application designed to streamline the entire documentation process for your projects. From taking important photos of your project to providing them as documentation when necessary, Camstruction gives you the ability to do so much more to manage your projects efficiently.

Camstruction allows its users to upload photos from their computer or mobile device, categorize the photos in project folders, and add date, time, location and unique descriptions to each photo. Once your project photos are uploaded, Camstruction enables you to share individual photos or entire projects with important team members and customers, giving you and your business an advantage when compared to your competitors.

Although it is compatible with a variety of smart phones, Camstruction is designed for maximum efficiency when used with its iPhone application. Download it for free at the App Store and get started today.